2009 → 2009 was as sad as it was prolific.
Christal as well as Bhina, who had given birth less than a year earlier, flew to Heaven, leaving an unbridgeable void. Only the passion and love of the other loyal dogs were able to help me overcome certain moments. In early February, sweet Bhina had given birth to six females and two males, handling the birth and first few months perfectly, just as Loren had. The father was the powerful Champion Djengish Megasthenes, the majestic Tosa owned by Mr. J. H. Lassooij (Gaifu Taisho Tosa Inu Kennel), a friend of Mariska and Robert's. Shin and Yuma are the two puppies I decided to keep in the family. Shin (Eyshin Tosakengold's) is the male puppy, massive and dark-muzzled like his father, while the female puppy, Yuma (Eyuma Tosakengold's), has had well-developed muscles since she was just a puppy as well as an enterprising nature.



Hina (Bhina Tosakengold’s) was recognized by the Club Italiano del Molosso (Italian Molosser Club) as the Young Social Champion on May 6, 2007 in Bentivoglio (BO).

Good blood does not lie, and like their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, Sin and Yuma, along with their sisters Kira (Etsune Tosakengolds, owned by our friend Paolo P.) and Yuga (Eyuga Tosakengolds, owned by Massimo P.), soon achieved excellent results in "junior" and "young" classes.




In addition to beauty shows, another of their sisters, Aika (Enjeru Aika Tosakengolds, given to Mr. Bertie in Holland), debuted by displaying all of her balance in obedience competitions, earning 72 points (a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 80 points).



Bhime Tosakengolds lives in a small country town near Nice with Miriam and her husband Werner, two very dear friends who also have Cambuì, a black Labrador mix and a smaller stray they found. Bhime, a tall, robust Tosa, with a lighter coat than her sister Bhina's, is extremely sociable with all the other animals and all the people who respect her and her "human family," like every good Tosa. Careful morphological research led me to choose Tor (Toshi Tar Heel, Mariska's athletic black Tosa) as her ideal mate and at the end of April, when they first met, it was love at first sight!

Tar HeelBhime


One male and one female are black, another two males are hazelnut-colored and two females are fiery red. The black female puppy, who I decided to call Shiru (Funka is her pedigree name) is the one I chose to keep with me and be the first and only black Tosa in Italy. Her beautiful, black-coated brother, Furoka (nicknamed Piccolino Diamant Severu) will go to live happily with other Tosas at a kennel owned by Lenka D., who has been an enthusiast of this fantastic breed for years. The immense, gentle Mas (Furyo on his pedigree, owned by Fabio C.) is one of the light-coated males and, at one year old, he already weighed over 65 kilograms! Both Shiru and Mas, as well as Furin (one of the red-coated females, owned by our friend Alessio M.), made their debut in Junior classes at the important International Dog Show in Milan, earning the mention "very promising."








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