2008 → I attended two courses, basic and advanced, of anthrozoology as it applies to training through the S.I.U.A. (School of Human-Animal Interaction by R. Marchesini), earning the title of Operator in Didactic Anthrozoology.

Through these courses, the S.I.U.A. hopes to form a capillary system to educate school-age youngsters about human-animal interaction and animal well-being.


These interesting, innovative initiatives aim to improve the society we live in, where animals and especially dogs, despite having lived alongside humans for thousands of years, are still perceived mistakenly. Molossers in particular, noble and powerful protectors of the home and family, do not enjoy the love and respect they deserve, even from those who do not have the possibility or the pleasure to live with them. Showing children and young people "their real language" and all the affection they are capable of is one of The Tosaken Gold's many goals.



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di Lissoni Daniele
20060 - Truccazzano (Mi)

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