KENNEL 2004 


2004 → In early 2004, Christal became the mother of eleven puppies, nine males and two females. The puppies' father was Tor, a tall, sleek Tosa with an extremely mild temperament and the only dysplasia-free male in Italy at that time ("A" grade).

Tor's owner, Giorgio Andrioli, had the pleasure of meeting him thanks to his friendship with Mrs. Romanzin, a Tosa enthusiast and owner of the first Tosas to arrive in Italy from Japan.

I decided to keep two of the males at the kennel: Ianu and Yuki (respectively Abunai Tosakengolds and Ayuki Tosakengolds on their pedigrees). The first is lighter, tall like his father and robust like Cristal, while Yuki has his grandparents' fiery red coat and head and face shape.

Ianu matured very quickly and at fifteen months, he began showing in the open class (valid for the championship). In less than a year, he had accumulated enough recognitions to be named Italian Beauty Champion, the first male in the history of Italian Tosas to earn the title.






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