2002→ I decided to acquire Kenji (see side photo) from a private owner in central Italy that I had met (he was a visitor and I was showing Christal) at a dog show. She is not a "standard" Tosa for beauty shows; her teeth are not properly aligned and her back limbs are unhealthy. Nevertheless, I considered the matter carefully and, had I not taken her, she may not have received all the love she deserves!

Obviously I have never envisioned breeding her. She is part of the family and we have nicknamed her "auntie," because her excellent Tosa character has benefited the psychological development of all the other females' puppies in the years that have followed. I am aware of the fact that this "acquisition" and some of my other decisions (made from the heart) may be unusual for a "normal breeder," who tends to keep dogs only for breeding.




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di Lissoni Daniele
20060 - Truccazzano (Mi)

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