ByronGuarding his territory, hunting, helping in battle and becoming a loyal companion were the only reasons that linked the ancestors of our dogs to humankind.

Over the centuries, the current dog has acted as a “passive catalyst” in numerous problems, changes and habits that leads to progress, always remaining a loyal four-legged companion.

Today dogs are involved and participate in any life we choose for them. Too many people begin this relationship with confused ideas and tend to treat their dog as a “mere animal” rather than considering him part of the family with specific rules for group life.

The basis of a relationship between dog and owner is determined by three factors:


The "disposition" our four-legged companion in the family tree (pedigree)


The “natural learning” that takes place over the period of time that begins in the third week and continues throughout the puppy’s development. Little by little, the puppies in this stage devote less time to sleeping and more to playing and exploring their surroundings. They are attracted to everything and bite any new object. They begin awkwardly scuffling and making their first “endearing sounds.” Moving awkwardly, they venture further and further from the place they were born, and the most curious puppies will be the first to attempt jumping over fences or enclosures, or even destroying them! The puppy should be held and accustomed to noises, even somewhat loud ones. It is during this stage of socialization that so-called “imprinting” occurs. It is therefore the responsibility of the breeder (or whoever cares for the litter from birth) to ensure the puppies’ healthy psychophysical development. According to Campbell (1981), it is around the 22nd week that the central nervous system is fully developed, a perfect somatic development is reached and a significant increase in strength occurs.


When dogs communicate with one another, they use a “combination of instinct and innate and learned behaviors” in order to make their “communication messages” clearer.

Tutti i sensi del cane hanno l'importante ruolo di codificare istantaneamente tutto ciò che in quel momento attira la sua attenzione e, se è un cane ciò che lo attira, deve essere altrettanto veloce anche nel rispondere.

All of a dog’s senses play the important role of codifying everything that attracts his attention at that moment and, if he is attracted to another dog, he must be just as quick in responding…

The speed of response is not particularly important, but knowing how to interpret messages is key.

However, it is easier for dogs to understand one another… easier than it is for us humans to always understand them.

BhinaIn the millennia they have spent at our side, dogs have evolved, interpreting all our messages more and more clearly. However, we cannot say the evolution has been reciprocal.

Facial expressions, posture, head movements, ways of moving, attitudes, tail, etc. are some of the signals our dog gives us to allow us to understand his messages so that we can understand him and respond.

Each puppy should learn the complexities of domestic life as soon as possible, in order to better understand how to interact with the people and animals he will encounter throughout his lifetime.

Therefore, the more he “experiences places and situations” during the first 10 to 12 weeks of life, the more capable he will be as an adult to adapt to new situations and react calmly in the face of any kind of situation that may arise.

In addition to socializing with animals and people, training, associating sounds and smells, etc., play is also very important because, in addition to physical exercise (theirs and ours), it is also an excellent means of increasing their social interaction with us and with other humans or four-legged friends.


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At "THE GOLD'S TOSAKEN" situated on a hectare of land is completely fenced and offers courses of education, socialization, puppy classes and much more for dogs of all ages and all races in individual lessons and / or group.

THE BODY IS AN IMPORTANT MEANS OF COMMUNICATION FOR ALL DOGS, it is important to know how to read "their language" for a healthy coexistence. Regardless of where we are is crucial to understand the situation and make us understand the dog. Visit the photo gallery to see photos of a simple "stay" at the table at the restaurant, moments captured during rituals of socialization and play, exercises and some education TOSA TOSA KEN FRIENDS of THE GOLD'S.

The body is an important means of communication.

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