Un cuccioloHere are some of the most frequent questions that arise for those who wish to welcome a Tosa into their family:

How many litters are available each year?
On average there is one litter per year, although some years there may be two or none at all… We cannot always calculate how Mother Nature will run her course, and at The Tosaken Gold’s, we put the health of the Tosas first and therefore allow the proper intervals between litters, for the health of the dam and of all the other dogs (considering that a litter requires a lot of time, both before and after whelping, for as long as the puppies are at the kennel).

Can I see the puppies?
The puppies can be seen only by owners and select individuals, only by appointment and only after the first cycle of de-worming.

How can I obtain more information?
By calling us at (+39) 333 6749261 or e-mailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I reserve a puppy?
Before the puppies are born, a visit from all the members of the family with whom the puppy will live is much appreciated. We do not give puppies to everyone and there is an order of reservation (with no deposits until birth).

How long after birth can a puppy be brought home?
After 60 to 70 days.

Due cuccioli che giocanoWhat is necessary to raise and provide a good life for a Tosa?
A Tosa is a powerful yet light molosser and needs walks, not long runs. When necessary he can be very agile and constantly vigilant. Swimming is the best exercise we can offer him (as is the case for all dogs, especially larger ones). His patient, even-tempered nature makes him well-suited for domestic family live alongside the people he adores. He can sleep in the yard but obviously needs a special shelter just for him. If you choose to keep him in the yard, it is best not to leave him alone too much, especially if he is still a puppy. It isn’t open spaces he loves but the company of his family.

In general, what is a Tosa’s disposition like?
I always prefer to answer this question in person by demonstrating all the qualities and beautiful personalities, in addition to the outer beauty, of each dog. All information rings much truer when you can see if for yourself at the kennel, in contact with all of our Tosas.


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